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From the Madam

The following is a Memo sent from the Madam in response to the latest news about Outsiders becoming aware of the Prime and Fallen World.

From The Madam:

It has come to my attention that word has gotten out about us and against my better judgment, the Council has decreed that instead of Swiping your memory as we usually do, you will be placed on the Civilian Hopefuls list and given probationary status only. With the increased Kayen activity throughout the world, every person that we have with us is one less we have to fight against in the future. So, even though you have not taken the official pledge to give your life for the cause, and you have not been marked as a true Civilian, you will be expected to keep to the code of all Civilians.

Three main laws must be followed at all times:

  1. Don’t kill or intentionally harm an innocent.

  2. Don’t kill Cain

  3. Don’t expose the Prime and Fallen world to Outsiders

If you fail to adhere to these rules, actions will be taken. And yes, we know who you are and will be able to find you. The Prime and Fallen world has been a secret for so long, finding those who seek to share our world without our consent is something we take very seriously.

For those of you who are hoping to become a full time Civilian, please continue to check back to see what tasks will be expected of you. Becoming a Civilian is an honor that few are able to obtain in their short lifespan.

For the Hopeful’s, do not think this will be an easy task for you. Despite our needing new recruits, we will continue to seek only the best of the best. Our numbers may be down compared to our enemies, but we will not slack in our duty to produce those with the best qualities and integrity needed to be a true Civilian and serve our world with the respect it deserves.


Eleanora S. Cummings

Madam Eleanora S. Cummings

Director of Civilian Affairs

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