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Propositioning A Thief

Liberating a book in the middle of a Gala is almost insulting at how easy it is for a thief like Tess, but when she is caught, and threatened by people over two hundred years old; she knows a career change is in order.

Orphaned thief Tess is selfish enough to turn on her boss to save her life, even if it will extend her life for only a few more days. However, things are never what they seem. By negotiating the terms with sex on a stick interrogator, Maliki, to save her sisters, will Tess only be trading one job ruled by one monster for a life filled with them?

Maliki doesn’t know if he can trust the woman locked in his dungeon, even if her body calls to him nightly. Her flipping on her boss quickly is enough to turn heads, but the fact that she is an Outsider and knows about the Holy Grail is a different problem entirely. To an Outsider, it’s just a tattered old book, but in the eyes of a Prime, or anyone from his world, they know its true meaning: the truth about Cain’s killing of Abel and the start of a war that still rages on today.

Maliki needs to keep Tess close, to find out what she knows and who wants the book. The Holy Grail already cost too many lives during the Crusades, and he would be damned if it got into the wrong hands now and start another war among the Humans. He only needs to work with Tess for a few days to find out who wants it, preferably without pulling her into the nearest closet and tasting those perfect lips.

If you are not a fan of a play on historical events with some Alpha males getting steamy with their Heroines, this book might not be for you. This is a standalone love story in a series but can be read in any order. For Mature audiences.

Captivating the Hostess

All women are deceitful liars.  They can never be trusted, or at least that was what An unwilling hostess...
A disingenuous guest...
And a stolen kiss in the pantry with enough heat to melt the ice caps.

They work together but had never met. He travels the world, protecting the Innocent. She stays hidden and only reads about it.

Trust is not easy for either. He died the last time he trusted a woman. Death is absolute for anyone she trusts.

He's a Prime.
She's a Civilian.

There are rules against them getting close. Against them feeling anything more than platonic friendship for the other.

What starts as a simple stopover turns a corner when he can't heal from an attack. Then they learn their lives connect in more ways than one, and they realized they would rather fight with each other than fight apart.

Educating the Professor

Cara needs one night where she doesn't have to worry about anything but having a good time. She's determined to make tonight that night, but her plan goes awry in the most humiliating fashion.

Before the night is over, she proves she's a klutz and the target of a nefarious stranger. First, she spills beer on the sexiest man she's ever seen in her life. Next, she gets shot at, all while ruining her favorite pantyhose. If not for her mishap with the handsome man, she might not live to see another day.

Jonny needs a night off. After two-hundred years of nonstop work as a Fallen Member, he looks forward to a cold beer and a little fun. What he doesn't expect is that he'll end up wearing the beer and protecting the feisty professor he hasn't stopped dreaming about since the first time he laid eyes on her.

When Cara’s life is threatened, Jonny abandons everything to protect her, but she's no ordinary damsel-in-distress. She's fiercely independent and not at all prepared for how quickly her world is about to change with him in it, and that scares her.

Cara is now getting her own education in protection, as she tries to manage her career and fight the attraction between her and Jonny. One that is not only unprofessional, but also borders on illegal in his world.  

As days turn to weeks, they can't deny that their feelings are growing, like the body count that seems to be connected to one of the two people Jonny is guarding. Will their forced close proximity keep her safe from harm or will it lead them down a dangerous path?



Jesse and Rose