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Time Change

Well, it happened, again. I overslept. Oh wait, no I didn't, I just lost an hour of my life! If you are like me, many of you can't get the Princess Bride movie out of your head today since the torture that is Daylight Savings has once again stolen time from us and makes us want to weep in response. Okay, not actual tears, but it still put a big frown on my face this morning.

But instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s look to the positives. We are almost half way through March! Egg hunts are closer than they were last week and wearing green and claiming you’re Irish just to get a kiss from a stranger is only a few short days away. Even better, some, if not a large majority of you, get the luxury of enjoying a week off as you partake in Spring Break. Lucky Ducks!

Unfortunately, I do not get to participate this year (despite that I believe everyone needs a week off right now). But fear not! As you enjoy your days of rest by putting your feet up and drinking an ice-cold beverage (not judging on how early you start), don't feel bad for me. Don't send words of encouragement to help me get through the long days of work that is always accompanied by longer nights of work at home. Be happy, thrilled even. Because as you sit and enjoy Propositioning a Thief, I will be sneaking in hours all week to finish Eddie's up and coming book. And yes, it is going to be wonderful!

So enjoy your days off. Enjoy the spring flowers that have started to blossom and the early rays of sunshine against your skin. Bask in the gloriousness that soon, you will understand why Eddie has a hard time seeing women as anything but she-devil’s.

And as always: a true fan is a reviewing fan. Write a review to share the love of your hero's.

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