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Good Intentions

Or, in my case, the plan to find time to write last week was an accomplishable goal last Sunday. However, life had other plans, in the form of a stomach bug. Moreover, as you know, the only thing you’re thinking about when sick is how much longer will it last. So yeah, hearing the voices of Eddie and Lola explain to me their troubles on why they shouldn’t be together but secretly can’t stop looking at one another just wasn’t loud enough.

Instead of continuing with the excuses, trust in the fact that the book is more than half way done and there is a clear path to the end…make that a curvy path. Either way I know there is a path and that’s all that really matters. Right? J

Therefore, whatever road you are on now, no matter where it leads. No matter how many twists, turns, and turnarounds to the start it takes. Recall that the journey in itself is half of what makes it memorable. At least this is what I will be telling myself, as I will be playing catch up on my word count this week.

And as always, reviews = love for your heroes.

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