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Get ready to dive into the Hounds of the Reaper MC

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Chains: Hounds of the Reaper MC


Maddy —

I don’t do commitments. And I don’t stay in a place long enough to get attachments either. But now I’ve got two after my only friend calls in a favor that’s long overdue. Hiding myself is one thing, but hiding with two kids who have never known happiness is harder than expected. Especially when he comes knocking. Well, more like demanding and riding a Harley.


Chains —

The system failed me. Got me locked up for a crime I didn’t commit. Five years is a long time to want justice, but all I want once I get out is to find my sister’s kids. She died while I was locked away, and I refuse to be separated from my family a minute longer.


I can’t believe this chick won’t give me my kids. That’s fine. I can wait this out. I learned how to play nice behind bars for five years. What’s a few more days of pretending to be the good guy before I get what I want? And I always get what I want.


Just never expected that I’d want her and would be willing to go to war to keep her.

Chains is the first book in the Hounds of the Reaper biker romance series. If you like strong women, possessive men, and a sizzling romance with bikers, you'll love SJ. Rowe's newest series. Pick up Chains today to discover your love for the Hounds of the Reaper MC and the women that bring these alpha males to their knees.



Jump into the world of Cain and Abel. Where you will find the history you were told is not what actually happened.


Marked For Seduction


She’s prepared to use all her assets to get what she’s after. He’s willing to play along to gain her trust before he throws her back to deal with the consequences. The game is set. Seduction is the key. Who will win and who will die?

Thieves don’t get caught…

However, Tess’s career both started and stopped when she was. Her hand wasn’t the only thing she would lose this time. What was she to do: save her skin or let another die?

Primes choose loyalty over personal joy…

For over 200 years, Maliki believed that. He doesn’t regret making the call to exchange his death for a life filled with duty, integrity, and the chance to right the wrongs that killed him. He only regrets facing these under the watchful eye of an outsider that keeps tugging on a heart he thought was lost forever.

Does love make a soul whole?

Forced to work together: one to save three lives, the other thousands. Are they willing to push aside their desire to find those that betrayed them? Both have no problem surrendering their souls to spare another’s life, but are they willing to sacrifice their hearts this time?

If you are against HEA, sassy women, and alpha-type males, then this book is not for you. If you love that sort of thing, then come on in and get comfy. Be advised that I have published this book under a prior title - Propositioning a Thief. The story has not changed, just reedited along with a facelift. Happy Reading. 



S.J. Rowe’s new book is a breathtaking, thriller that delves into the mayhem and enigma of deceit and faith.

Page  Publishing


S.J. Rowe’s suspenseful work will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Page  Publishing

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